Horoscope Virgo October 2019

You remain in a yearly financial peak until the 23rd. Your spiritual planet, the Sun, is in your money house until then, so pay attention to your intuition. This is a period for operat­ing the spiritual laws of wealth, for accessing the supernatu­ral sources of supply rather than the natural ones. To the degree that you succeed in this, there will be true financial freedom. If you feel a sense of lack, increase your giving. Give money to charity or some altruistic cause, and watch how financial doors magically open for you. On the spiritual level the doors open instantly, but you might not see it tangibly right away. Have no fear; it will happen.
Be more patient with the beloved after the 15th. Avoid needless conflict. He or she seems more temperamental that period. Perhaps the beloved is disturbed by financial chal­lenges or conflicts with friends. He or she should be more careful driving between the 15th and the 22nd. Also there is a need to avoid dangerous people or dangerous situations.
You and the beloved have harmony between you; the prob­lems stem from other sources.
There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 18th that occurs in your 8th house of transformation, so take it nice and easy that period. This eclipse can bring encounters with death (gener­ally psychological encounters), surgery or near-death kinds of experiences. There’s no need to take on extra risks that period. If an activity is stressful or dangerous, re-schedule it for another time. As with every Lunar Eclipse, friendships get tested. It is not always the relationship that is the prob­lem, but often it’s dramas that happen in the lives of friends. Friends should avoid dangerous activities now. Computers, software and hi-tech equipment get tested. These things are more temperamental this period and in many cases they need to be replaced. Since this eclipse impacts on Jupiter, there are family dramas happening as well. Be more patient with family members this period.
Your 3rd house of communication becomes powerful after the 23rd. You will feel this even sooner as Mercury is there all month. This is a month for pursuing your intellectual interests, for taking courses in subjects that interest you, and for gaining or disseminating knowledge. Good communica­tion is not only fun and good in its own right, it seems important financially – especially until the 7th. After that the family and family connections are important financially. You spend more on the home and family, but you earn from here as well. Professional investors might want to look at real estate, restaurants, the food business and hotels for profit opportunities.