Horoscope Virgo November 2021

Predictions Virgo November 2021

The short-term planets are shifting this month from the Eastern to the Western sector of your chart. But this happens later on in the month. Thus, early in the month, you can still exercise initiative and independence, and build the life you want. Later on you will need to become more flexible and adaptive.
Your health is good until the 22nd, but afterwards rest and relax more. Mercury, your Ruler, goes retrograde on the 21st, indicating less confidence than usual. Definitely avoid power struggles – though you will be sorely tempted – after the 21st.
Mars in your own Sign for most of the month gives you a lot of personal energy and dynamism.
Continue to mind your temper, and tone down the rhetoric. Use this extra fire power for achieving your personal goals, exercising or developing athletic excellence. Your personal magnetism, charisma and sex appeal are very strong – especially before the 21st.
Happily your love life is moving forward this month. This is one of the best social months in a good social year. A current relationship moves forward. Marriage and commitment are likely. Family gatherings and relations with your family are improving. You are more speculative in love and social matters now – more willing to experiment and try out new things.
The need for freedom and the need for commitment seem equally strong now; you must balance between the two. The ideal is to find a partner who will feed and nurture both sides of your nature. Singles find love at parties, family gatherings or through family connections. The workplace becomes an ever more important source of romantic opportunity – this month and for many years to come.
Job-seekers look for work that offers more than just money. The workplace and conditions need to be aesthetically pleasing. There is a need to be surrounded by attractive people and things. Employers are redecorating the workplace.
Finances are especially strong until the 19th. Money comes from neighbours or is earned locally in the neighbourhood.
Sales, marketing and communication projects go well.
The financial judgement is deep. You see value where others see junk – i.e. in your attic or garage. Investors earn profits from troubled or even bankrupt companies. Wealth is increased by the elimination of waste, reduction of debt and other cost-saving methods. After the 17th be careful of overspending. Over-confidence is the danger here.

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