Horoscope Virgo November 2019

Mars entered your sign on the 15th of last month and will be there all of the month ahead. This has some good points and some less good points. On the positive side, it is great for losing weight (if you need it) and for detox regimes. Mars is the ruler of your 8th house of transformation. He gives energy and courage, the fighting spirit. You are ready to overcome all challenges. You get things done quickly. You are more magnetic and charismatic and the sex appeal is much stronger than usual (which the opposite sex picks up on and sometimes this can be a problem). You excel in athletics and exercise regimes. Whatever your skill level, it is improved these days.
On the downside, courage and the fighting spirit can make for belligerence – and, if you look for a fight you will certainly find one. It can increase the tendency to anger, rush and impatience and this can lead to injuries on the physical plane. When Mars is near the Ascendant we can sound gruff, angry and belligerent even if we don’t mean to be. So it will take conscious work to soften your approach to others. You are going to be more active physically, but be more mindful in your actions. Avoid violent people and situa­tions.
There is a Solar Eclipse on the 3rd which occurs in your 3rd house of communication. This eclipse is mild on you as eclipses go, but like every Solar Eclipse it brings spiritual changes – changes in practice, teachers and teachings. Generally this happens as a result of some new insight into things. Sometimes there are scandals and shake-ups in a spiritual organization or charity you’re involved with.
Sometimes a drama in the life of your teacher or guru causes the change.
Communication equipment will get tested by this eclipse and might need replacement or upgrading. There are dramas in the lives of siblings or sibling figures, and perhaps shake-ups in your neighbourhood. Students (below college level) change schools or their educational plans. There are prob­ably dramas, shocking events at school. This eclipse impacts on Saturn, your planet of children. Children or children figures should take things easier during this period. Do your best to keep them out of harm’s way and out of dangerous situations. They don’t need to be taking undue risks now.
Your 3rd house of communication and intellectual inter­ests is still powerful until the 22nd, so review our discussion of this last month.
Career seems in abeyance this month. Mercury, your career planet, is retrograde until the 10th. Most of the plan­ets are still in the lower half of the chart. Your 4th house of home and family was powerful last month and gets even more powerful on the 22nd, so a pause in the career is in the stars. This is a pause that refreshes. The focus should be on the home, the family and the emotional wellbeing. When this is good, the outer career will naturally become good in due course. Health is delicate after the 22nd. Be sure to rest and relax more and be mindful to maintain high energy levels.