Horoscope Virgo May 2021

Predictions Virgo May 2021

The concentration of planetary power is in the West and above the Horizon. Career and social issues dominate the month.
Home and family issues can be safely set aside temporarily. Your personal desires will be fulfilled through others, not through self-assertion.
Perhaps it is good that your Love Planet goes retrograde this month. After the torrid social life of the past month you do need a pause and a breather.
You need to assimilate and digest your social experiences so that you can put each person – or that new special someone – in the right perspective.
Romance is stormier this month – especially until the 21st – than it was last month. But conflicts are short term and harmony is restored by the 21st. Love is more erotic and physical. Your sex appeal is very strong.
Two powerful planets retrograde in your 6th House of Work indicates that you need to do more research about leaving your present job or taking on a new one.
Job-seekers shouldn’t take the first job that comes along. Employers need to be more cautious about hiring or firing this month. New health regimes or miracle diets need more research. Relations with co-workers need time to develop.
Power in the 9th House all month shows that foreign travel and educational opportunities are opening up; you should take them.
Those dealing with colleges, universities and graduate schools hear good news. University administrators are kindly disposed to you if you need favours. Religious illumination comes if you want it.
Your career gets very active later in the month. Success will come from courage, confidence, valour and a willingness to fight for your position. Your urge to make money for others and to put the financial interests of shareholders ahead of your own will vault you to success. There are great power struggles going on in your company or corporate hierarchy.
Be cautious in your relations with the government or gov-ernment officials. If you need favours from them, wait a while. Next month looks better for these things than this month. Not a time to play games with the tax collector.
Earning power is strong this month.
You seem concerned with paying off debts, and you succeed at this. Income comes from your partner or from insurance, royalties or property. Investors find opportunities in the bond market and in companies which are bankrupt or in trouble. Sources of outside capital are revealed.

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