Horoscope Virgo May 2019

There is an exciting, eventful and turbulent month ahead. Keep the seatbelts buckled! We have two eclipses this month, a guarantee that major change is happening both personally and for the world at large. (And these are coming on the heels of a previous Lunar Eclipse on April 25). Also, the planetary power makes a major shift from the West, where it has been all year, to the East. Thus there are psychological changes in you. You are entering a period of personal independence. The planetary power starts to flow in your direction. Self-confidence and self-esteem will improve. The problems in love this month will serve a good purpose. They will actually make you aware of your personal power and independence. And as if all this wasn’t enough, on the 20th you enter a yearly career peak.
The Solar Eclipse of the 10th occurs in your 9th house. Foreign travel is best avoided during this period. Students make dramatic changes in their educational plans; some­times it brings upheavals in the school hierarchy, changes in the curriculum or important administrative changes. Your personal philosophy of life, your core beliefs, will get a good testing now. Some will need to go into the dustbin, others will need some modification. This is when you find out what is what. The Sun is your spiritual planet, thus there are important spiritual changes going on (and this is behind the revamping of your core beliefs). Often there is a change of teachers and teachings, and changes in the spiritual practice, attitudes and ideals. There are dramas in the lives of the guru figures in your life and upheavals in a spiritual or char­itable organization that you are involved with. Mars is affected by this eclipse, so avoid risky kinds of activities or elective surgery.
Love is getting tested from the 20th onwards. The transit­ing planets are causing this, but the Lunar Eclipse of the 25th doesn’t help. Good relationships survive these sort of things – in fact they emerge stronger and better. But the fundamentally flawed ones tend to dissolve. Even in a good relationship there is more tension. The beloved is more temperamental. Dirty laundry tends to surface during the eclipse period which needs to be dealt with. In this sense there is change in the relationship, but in a positive way. It is not just love that is getting tested, but friendships as well.
This Lunar Eclipse affects you more strongly than the previ­ous Solar Eclipse, so reduce your schedule during this period, especially as your health is more delicate after the 20th too.
You are very successful this month. You seem above everyone in your world. Thus you are a natural target for the critics and stone throwers. Valuable lessons are being learned through these experiences.