Horoscope Virgo March 2021

Predictions Virgo March 2021

Almost all the planets continue to energize your Western sector all month. Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is a major House of Power. The message is clear: this will be a powerful and good social month. Relations with others are satisfying.
Good comes to you through the good graces of others rather than from your own independent actions. Cooperation and conciliation bring more success than self-will and self-assertion.
Love blossoms. A current relationship becomes more amorous. Singles have abundant – and high- quality – romantic opportunities. New and powerful friends come into your life. In general there is more going out, more parties and more weddings in your life. One of them might even be your own.
Singles meet someone significant at the workplace or a doctor’s surgery. The pursuit of work or health goals somehow leads to romance. A significant meeting could happen while you’re looking for a job, at the employment agency or at a job interview.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 13th shows a re-defining of your personality. Events happen which force you to explain to or show others who you really are.
If you don’t clearly define yourself, others will do it for you. It also shows long-term – perhaps dramatic – changes in your personal image and diet.
Two planets go retrograde in your chart this month – both involve communication, local travel, siblings and neighbours in one way or another. Mercury (retrogrades on the 17th) is the universal Ruler of these things.
Pluto (retrograde on the 8th) is the Lord of your Solar 3rd House. The message is clear: sign contracts and see to important mailings, sales projects, meetings and seminars before the 8th if possible. If you cannot wrap them up before the 8th, try to get them sorted before the 27th.
Your Solar 8th House becomes very powerful after the 20th. This is a good period in which to refine your diet, eliminate undesirable possessions and character traits from your life and in general clean your emotional house. It is still a romantic period, and also more erotic.
Look for good financial surprises after the 4th. Money comes from work but comes pleasurably. Co-workers are an instrument of financial opportunity.

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