Horoscope Virgo March 2019

Now that most of the planets are in the upper half of the Horoscope, career is becoming important. However, Mercury (both your career and personal planet) went retrograde on February 23 and will be retrograde until the 17th. So until the 17th your main focus should be on attaining mental clarity on career issues and goals. With Mercury retrograde, the career situation might not be as it appears so clarity is very important.
Your career planet spends the month in the 7th house, in the sign of Pisces. Like last month, this shows that you further your career goals by social means, by attending the right parties and perhaps by hosting them as well. The ‘like-ability’ factor is more important careerwise than even your personal skills. With the planets in their maximum Western, social position for most of the month, ‘likeability’ is imporĀ­tant in general, but especially in career matters. However, don’t be deceived. Having friends in high places (which seems the case right now) opens doors, but ultimately it is your performance that counts. The social factor is very important, but it’s not everything.
Health still needs watching until the 20th. Try to rest and relax more and maintain high energy levels. Health and energy improve after the 20th.
You are still in the midst of a yearly social peak. Like last month, the problem seems to be one of excess – too many romantic and social opportunities.
The family situation got stressful last month. A parent or parent figure seems very stressed out and passions are running high in the family. You don’t seem in synch with them. They don’t seem to approve of your friends, a current love or your social focus in general. Perhaps they feel you need to focus on other things. The stress is still there this month, but it gets easier as the month progresses.
Earnings look very good this month. Venus, your finanĀ­cial planet, is strong both celestially and terrestrially. She is in her sign of exaltation and in a powerful house – the 7th -until the 23rd. Your social connections are not only helping the career but your finances as well. You socialize with the people you do business with and vice versa. Your friends tend to be wealthy. Your 8th house of transformation becomes strong after the 20th and your financial planet moves into this house on the 23rd. This shows a need to focus on the prosperity of others, to make other people rich and to put their financial interests ahead of your own. Though this is counter-intuitive, such a practice will bring personal prosperity to you, by the law of karma.