Horoscope Virgo June 2021

Predictions Virgo June 2021

Most of the planets are still above the Horizon of your chart, and there is great power in your 10th House of Career. No question about it, pursue ambitions boldly. Obstructions will melt in the heat of your zeal and drive. Power struggles are happening in your corporate hierarchy, but they favour you. Some of you may change jobs or career paths now – but these changes are positive.
Saturn’s move into Taurus – the major headline of the month – is very favourable to you. This strong, long-term positive trend helps your health, creativity, spirituality and relations with children. Children are going off to college or getting good news about university admissions. Educational opportunities are opening up for them. They are travelling abroad now.
Singles have options for serious, committed relationships or romantic flings with foreigners or in foreign countries. Some of you are trying to juggle both. Those of you involved in the arts are hitting new peaks of creativity and inspiration. Your work is disseminated more widely.
On a long-term basis your health and vitality are improving, but for the short term rest and relax more until the 21st. Pursue career goals but in a more relaxed way. Avoid needless career combat. Save your energy for the important battles.
Relations with parents or a parental figure are tense, but the situation is short term. Your pursuit of career goals could be the cause. The same is true with your spouse or partner. Perhaps he or she feels neglected because of your career focus. This is a month where you need to balance your social, family and career duties and make them all support each other.
Finances are strong all month, but become more important towards the end of the month. Venus crossing your Midheaven after the 24th indicates that you have the favour of bosses and superiors and that career battles are bringing increased earnings. Venus in an angular position shows financial power and prominence. Tension with a parent or parental figure leads to generosity later on.

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