Horoscope Virgo June 2019

You are still in the midst of a yearly (and perhaps life time) career peak, until the 21st. There is much success happen­ing, with elevation, honour and recognition for your achievements. You are elevated in your company and perhaps in your industry. Mars in your 10th career house shows that you are working very hard on the career, fending off competitors, personal and corporate. Being successful can be stressful. There is always something to deal with, always some crisis. But in the process, detox happens. Impurities surface and get removed.
By the 27th your career goals (at least for now) have been achieved. Jupiter moves out of your career house and into your 11th house of friends. You are now reaping the rewards of career success. You are making new and impor­tant friends. The social life becomes more active. You start to manifest your fondest hopes and wishes. Often the career is the means to an end. We have certain hopes and wishes and we feel that only through the career can these be made manifest. The career was never the main objective – it was these hopes and wishes. And these will start to be realized this month and in the year ahead.
Health and vitality will start to improve after the 21st as well. You will really feel the difference. If there have been health problems in the past month, now you hear good news about them.
A parent or parent figure needs to take it easy these days. Perhaps there has been surgery or near-death kind of experi­ence. He or she seems energetic, but is perhaps more impa­tient and irritable. This can lead to accidents on the physical plane.
The love life starts to improve dramatically after the 21st, and especially after the 27th. If the eclipse of last month broke up a relationship, someone new (and better) is coming into the picture. If your relationship survived, there is more love and romance within it now. Virgos of child-bearing age become much more fertile after the 27th.
There is no need now to rush love. Your love planet goes retrograde on 7th and will be retrograde until November 15. This is not going to stop all the wonderful love experiences that are happening, but only slow things down a bit (which is probably a good thing). Your spouse, partner or current love seems to lack direction, seems undecided, so allow love to develop as it will. Enjoy the now without projecting too far into the future.