Horoscope Virgo June 2018

An eventful, fast-paced month, full of changes and, perhaps, crises. But the cosmos never gives you more than you can handle, and you will have the wherewithal to deal with what comes up.
The main headline is that there are two eclipses – both very strong on you. Health is delicate anyway until the 21st, so the need for more rest and more focus on health is even stronger. Take a reduced schedule during the eclipse periods – around the 1st and around the 15th. Those of you who are more sensitive have probably been feeling the effects of the solar eclipse even before the end of last month. Sometimes we feel the effects as much as two weeks beforehand and even a week afterwards. You will get a ‘cosmic announcement’ – a strange, weird event that happens – which will tell you when the eclipse period is in effect for you personally. Then you can act accordingly.
The solar eclipse of the 1st occurs in your 10th house and is announcing career changes, shake-ups in your corporate hierarchy or industry, changes in the rules and policies, and dramas with parent or parent figures. There are many changes and disruptions happening in the world at large as well – but this is how the eclipse is likely to affect you. Every solar eclipse affects your spiritual life, your spiritual practice, the path you are on and your attitudes. So these are undergoing change as well. These changes will definitely happen, for there is another solar eclipse next month as well.
The career changes seem basically happy. You are in a yearly career peak, so obstructions to your progress get removed (sometimes in dramatic ways). Doors, hitherto shut, will open up.
The lunar eclipse of the 15th occurs in your 4th house. This affects family members in general and parents or parent figures more particularly. There are dramatic events in their lives. Parents and parent figures will need to re-define their image, personal appearance and self-concept.
Work to make the home more safe during this period. Keep dangerous materials out of the reach of children. Be more mindful when you work around the house. If there are flaws in the home, now is the time you find out about them, so that you can make corrections. This eclipse will also test friendships and bring dramatic events in the lives of friends.
Your 9th house was powerful last month, and becomes powerful again this month. On the 4th Jupiter moves into this house. A very fortunate transit – especially for students. They have good fortune in their studies and with applications for university and graduate school. You will probably expand the home in the coming months – either through renovation or through a move. Foreign countries seem alluring as places to live.

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