Horoscope Virgo July 2021

Predictions Virgo July 2021

The retrograde of Jupiter on the 17th adds to the social stalemate you’ve been sensing. Your social life seems to go backwards instead of forwards, and your charisma is not as strong as you are used to. But no matter, use the social lull to work on yourself and achieve your personal goals.
With all the short-term planets in the East you have unique power to do so. You are in no mood for compromise, diplomacy or the social niceties. You want things your way and more often than not you get them.
Your social judgement is not up to your usual standards now, so neither a marriage nor divorce – nor important parties or social events – should be scheduled now. If you must schedule these things, do so before the 17th.
Keep in mind that this is still a great social year, this is only a lull; a time for review and taking stock. We need a rest even from the good things.
Mercury serves double duty in your Horoscope. It is both your Ruler and your Career Planet. Thus, its retrograde on the 31st is a message to wrap up career projects and activities, and dealings with elders, superiors or government officials, before this date. Good career progress is made now.
What was mentioned earlier about your romantic life doesn’t apply to your friendships and group activities. These are highlighted and go well. There is much joy from professional organizations you belong to. Your fondest hopes and wishes are coming to pass this month.
Your health is good and foreign travel opportunities should be taken up. Schedule them before the 31st. Those of you dealing with university or graduate school administrators see good results. Those of you involved with the media also do well. Media activities should be scheduled before the 31st.
Your connection to the invisible world becomes stronger after the 23rd. ESP, dreams and psychic experiences increase. There is much dealing with seers, tarot readers and astrologers. The Moon of the 23rd will clarify your dream life or provide interpretations for confusing dream messages.

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