Horoscope Virgo January 2021

Predictions Virgo January 2021

With 90 to 100 per cent of the planets in the Western, social sector of your chart this month, you run a real risk of losing your identity and being lost in other people’s concerns. Only the Moon will occasionally visit your Eastern sector to remind you that you too are a person and have needs. The Moon’s North Node in your 1st House is another reminder that you should be nice to yourself as well as to others. Understand, it is normal for you now to put other people ahead of yourself, for your good will come from them. But overdoing it is the problem.
Your health is going to be excellent all month, but especially before the 20th.
The period until the 20th is also more of a party period than afterwards. After the 20th you’re on to the serious business of work. Enjoy your party time while you have it, there will be plenty of work later on. Those of you looking for work have no problem finding it. Those of you who employ others have no problem finding workers either.
The workforce is expanding.
Important and good changes are taking place in your love life. Neptune, your Love Planet, makes a major move into Aquarius at the end of the month. Neptune in Capricorn made you conservative in love – true, you wanted fun, but relationships were rather traditional and mainstream.
This is all changing now.
Untraditional relationships allure you. You like people who are brilliant, avant-garde, innovative. Innovative love-making techniques turn you on.
Equality in the relationship becomes important to you. Mars, your Sex Planet, moves in your House of Romance on the 25th.
You are more aggressive in love, more passionate and more erotic-orientated.
Though financial fundamentals are sound, Venus’ retrograde is causing some complications. Handle your day-today financial activities of course, but be wary and cautious of making big purchases, investments or long-term financial commitments during this period. Study all deals and offers more carefully than usual. Your financial judgement is not as astute as it usually is.

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