Horoscope Virgo January 2019

You are in a very powerful career year and much success is happening, but now with most of the planets below the horizon of your chart, it is best to prepare yourself emotion­ally and mentally for the success that you want. This emotional preparation will ensure that when the outer success comes (and it will) you will be able to handle it. The good news here is that there is no conflict between family life and the career. Family members, and especially a parent or parent figure, actively support your outer ambitions. They could be actually fuelling your ambitions. They seem more ambitious than you.
Most of the planets are in the Western, social sector of your chart as your year begins. Personal independence is not what it should be, so it is more difficult to have things your way. The planetary power is flowing towards others, not to you. So long as it isn’t destructive let others have their way for now. The good thing about many planets in the West is that it broadens the horizons and the perspective. Life isn’t all about us. The cosmos is concerned with the good of the whole and so we get a more holistic view of life. It’s best now to adapt to situations as best you can. If certain condi­tions are unpleasant, make a note, and when your period of personal independence comes you can easily make any changes necessary. It is good every now and then to take a vacation from ourselves and our personal interests. This is one of those periods.
You begin your year in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak. New Year celebrations seem to go on longer than usual. The party doesn’t end on New Year’s Day; in fact it continues until the 19th.
Finances are basically good this month. There are some bumps on the road, some challenges, but basically they are good. Your financial planet is in Sagittarius until the 10th, which can make you overly speculative, and overly opti­mistic in financial matters. Speculations are best avoided. Still, you earn more and spend more. Overspending is the main danger until the 10th. After the 10th the Venus moves into Capricorn and your 5th house, and financial judgement becomes more sober. The good news is that you are enjoying your money after the 10th. You are having fun with it. Money is earned in fun kinds of ways. Your personal creativ­ity can be marketable during this period.
Health is good all month. With your 6th house strong after the 19th you are in Virgo heaven, focused on work and health. Virgos will focus on health even if nothing is wrong with them. Health regimes are good for their own sake. You can enhance the health even further by giving more atten­tion to the heart (after the 19th); to the head, face and scalp (all month); and to the lungs, small intestine, arms, shoul­ders and respiratory system (after the 19th). You are most likely more concerned with the health of a parent or parent figure than with your own health. Moreover, Virgos of child-bearing age are more fertile now than usual.