Horoscope Virgo January 2018

You begin your year with most of the planets in the western, social sector of your chart. By the 7th, 80 per cent (and sometimes 90 per cent) of the planets will be in that sector. A huge percentage. You are in a social period. Personal confidence and self-esteem are not at their best these days. You are more dependent on others. But this ‘personal weakness’ is basically good, for it allows the ‘higher power’ in you to be strong. ‘My strength is made perfect in your weakness.’ Don’t try to change things now – you’ll just waste energy and perhaps make things even worse. Adapt to things as best you can. Make note of the conditions that are uncomfortable, and when the planets shift back to the East you will be able to make changes. Likeability is more important than actual merit now. Whom you know and their willingness to grant their favours is more important than who you are or what you can do. Though this seems unfair, there is a cosmic logic here: you are meant to be developing your social skills.
The year begins with a bang – there is a solar eclipse on the 4th in your 5th house. This is the first of four solar eclipses this year, but the others will happen in different places in your chart. Yes, there are changes and upheavals in the world now, but for you this eclipse is basically benign. This eclipse brings changes in the lives of children (or those who play that role in your life). There are dramatic events in their lives. Your relationship with them is changed. Those involved in the creative arts make important changes in their creativity. Those of you of appropriate age are more fertile now.
Every solar eclipse affects your spiritual life, and this one is no different. You are making important changes here – in practice, in teachings, in teachers and in attitudes. There are dramas in the lives of the people involved in your spiritual life – whom you consider teachers. There are upheavals in charitable organizations you are involved with. Dreams and intuitions during this period will need a lot more verification. Dreams shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Much of it is psychic flotsam stirred up by the eclipse.
A parent or parent figure is forced to make dramatic financial changes. Children (or those who are like children to you) seem directionless this period, but the eclipse will force them to take steps that need to be taken.
Health is good this month; you can enhance it further in the ways described in the yearly report.
Love is active and happy this month. If you haven’t got involved in a serious relationship in the past year, it could still happen this month. Singles find love at the workplace or with people involved in their health. Healers and health professionals are very alluring – and this has been the case for many years.
Finances, as mention
will be the case all year. From the 7th onwards it will be more difficult to stick to a budget – you seem to be a free spender and very speculative. However, you will be earning more. Your financial goals are higher than usual.

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