Horoscope Virgo December 2021

Predictions Virgo December 2021

Almost all the planets are below the Horizon of your chart this month, showing that you need to take care of family business, mend fences with family members and get your house – both physical and psychological – in order.
Not much you can do about career issues until the 11th anyway. You may as well give some quality time to your family, and think about making the home more comfortable.
When Mercury, your Ruler (and also your Career Planet) starts moving forward on the 11th, pursue your career from the home and from a place of emotional harmony. It is also good to get involved in the career aspirations of family members rather than your own.
The enhancement of their careers will inevitably enhance your own in due course.
Early in the month the need to balance your social and family responsibilities continues. Both are important, both are good and neither can be ignored. Unfortunately, each seems to conflict with the other. Juggle for just a bit longer, the conflict will ease considerably after the 22nd.
The holiday party spirit doesn’t really hit you until the 11th, but by the 22nd it is in full gear. Enjoy.
Until the 11th you are spending on the home and family. Money comes from family members and family connections. After that, money is earned more pleasurably, through creativity and artistic pursuits and perhaps through speculations.
Financial contacts are made at parties, sporting events and places of entertainment.
Money comes to you during leisure periods, when you are not looking for it. Children come up with interesting financial ideas, or you are inspired by children. Relations with children are good this period.
Rest and relax more until the 22nd. Your vitality returns with a vengeance after this time.
Your love life and social life progress nicely. Romance is sweet, generous and idealistic.
Some of you who are in more serious relationships are working to harmonize the beloved with your family – to make each accept the other. You will succeed. Avoid power struggles with your beloved now.

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