Horoscope Virgo December 2020

The Moon waxes from the 14th to the 30th: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 1st to the 14th and on the 31st: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 14th is a Solar Eclipse. It’s usually wise to take a reduced schedule and avoid stressful activities at this time. Read on. The Moon of the 30th is a Lunar Eclipse- again it would be wise to reduce your schedule and avoid stressful situations.
Definitely rest and relax as much as possible this month, Virgo. Take each day as it comes and refuse to worry about tomorrow. Today weir lived, with sanity and health intact, will bring a tomorrow that is the same. As we have written in various past reports, manage your time and energy better. Take frequent breaks when you work. Get into a rhythm instead of trying to maintain a go-go-go pace.
Most of the planets are below the horizon, and your 4th House of Home and Family is a major House of Power. The Solar Eclipse of the 14th also occurs in your 4th House – making this even more important and tumultuous. This is a period for getting into ’emotional harmony’ as much as you can; for finding and functioning from your emotional comfort zone; for dealing with family and domestic issues and for creating a stable home base. Deep psychological issues are also important; unless you deal with these, emotional harmony will be impossible.
The Solar Eclipse of the 14th is stressful for you. And, though you should be reducing your schedule all month, reducing it during this period is especially important. You don’t want to be involved in risky or stressful projects during the Eclipse period (about two days before and a day after). Do what you need to do and reschedule the unessential.
The Solar Eclipse is showing a move, repair or renovation of the home. Important and major changes are happening in your family relationship and day-to-day domestic pattern -most of them ultimately good. They’re only stressful while they’re happening. Mercury, your Ruler, is also affected as the Eclipse conjuncts it. Thus important changes are happening in your image, personal appearance and career. In fact, most of the important areas of life are covered.
Not a surprise with all this going on that love is stressful this month. Mars going through your 7th House is showing a power struggle in a current relationship. The urge and tendency to engage in this struggle is there, but you don’t have to go along with it. Avoid this as much as possible.
The Power in Sagittarius and Mars shift into your 7th House creates a heavenly T-square involving many ├íreas of life. Thus there is an unusual need to balance personal interests with love obligations, home and career. These areas are all unruly now and need to be brought into harmony and order. Always focus on the ‘possible’. At any given time some doors are open and some closed; some things are possible and some things not. Do what is possible. Walk through the open door. At another time, other things become possible and other doors will open. Then walk through those doors.

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