Horoscope Virgo December 2019

Last month on the 22nd, the planetary power began to shift from the Eastern sector to the social West. This month, as Mercury moves into Sagittarius, the power in the West is increased. Your period of personal independence is over with (for now). Hopefully, you have used the past six months to create desirable conditions for yourself. Now it is time to live in them. It is more difficult now (though not impossible) to make changes, so it’s best to adapt to things as best you can. Make a note of what irks you and when your next period of personal independence comes, you will be able to make changes and adjustments. The planetary power is now flowing away from you and towards others. It is a time to develop and hone your social skills. Personal ability, personal merit, is not that important right now. It is your ability to get on with others, to attain their cooperation and support that matters.
Your 4th house is still powerful until the 24th. The focus is thus on the home and family. Your emotional wellbeing and domestic stability is important. These need to be in some semblance of order if you are to attain your career goals later on.
This is a time for psychological-type breakthroughs. Those of you undergoing therapy should be successful now. With your spiritual planet in your 4th house, mere secular-oriented psychology will not be enough. The spiritual dimension has to be applied here. Past-life regression might be in order. Many family conundrums have their origins in past lives. Generally we have a long karmic history with our families and have incarnated with them in order to adjust
things. Seeing this perspective will be a big help. The Horoscope is also saying that your spiritual understanding will help with family issues right now.
Although this is a party time of year, you enter your party period a bit later – on the 21st. Work can take a back seat then. Re-create yourself through leisure and creativity.
Love is much improved over previous months. Your love planet is now moving forward again and receiving benevo­lent aspects. There is more clarity in love as well. A current relationship is much happier. Singles are dating more and attracting good romantic experiences. There is some temporary stress with the beloved from the 5th to the 8th, but it is soon over with.
Your financial planet is well placed in the sign of Capricorn, so financial judgement is sound. You get value for your money and you manage your money well. It’s best to do all your holiday shopping early in the season before the 21st, as your financial planet goes retrograde on that date.
Be careful driving from the 29th to the 31st and avoid dangerous people and situations. In fact, more quiet time at home would be best. Mercury, your ruling planet, makes dynamic aspects to Uranus and Pluto this period.