Horoscope Virgo August 2021

Predictions Virgo August 2021

Though many planets in the Eastern sector are showing independence and self-will, moderate these tendencies until the 23rd when Mercury starts moving forward again. In the mean time get clear on personal goals and the kind of circumstance and conditions that you want to create. After the 23rd, go create them.
Two eclipses this month indicate much upheaval and change in the world, but they are generally kind to you. Still you should take a reduced schedule from the 6th to the 9th and from the 20th to the 23rd – the periods of the eclipses.
The Lunar Eclipse on the 8th indicates job changes, though not necessarily a career change. Thus you will still be on your current career path but in a different job at the same company or with another company in a similar industry. Flaws at the present job or with co-workers come to the surface, forcing corrective actions. This eclipse could also bring changes in your health pursuits – perhaps a change of doctor, diet or health regime. Something happens that forces a change. Friendships get tested as well.
The Solar Eclipse of the 22nd affects your spiritual life. Those of you on a spiritual path might change meditation techniques or be introduced to a new teacher or guru. Your dream life will be hyperactive, and deeply buried fears and complexes will come to the surface for cleansing.
It is normal to feel edgy and nervous around the time of a Solar Eclipse, but in your case these feelings will probably be more pronounced. There is nothing wrong with you, only some cosmic weather conditions at work.
Your health is wonderful all month, but especially after the 23rd. Love is on hold for a while as two powerful retrograde planets are impacting this area. Bide your time in relationships. Sit on the fence as long as you can. Avoid making hasty decisions one way or another. Let love develop as it will, and let patience do its perfect work.
A social lull now is not a bad idea.
Finances are strong this month and financial plans generally move forward. Until the 13th earnings opportunities come through friends, group activities and organizations. After the 13th charitable activities bring financial opportunities – probably through the contacts you make. There is increased charitable giving after the 13th as well.
Your financial intuition is very strong all month. Your instincts are unerring. Follow your hunches.

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