Horoscope Virgo August 2019

Mars is square to Uranus on the 1st and 2nd, which is an extremely dynamic aspect. Take it nice and easy. Avoid argu­ments, dangerous places or dangerous people. This is not a time for taking risks. This period could bring some kind of health drama, but health is basically good this month, so it is probably nothing serious. Watch the temper at work and with co-workers too. If you employ others, there are prob­ably dramas in the lives of employees.
Your 12th house became very powerful on July 22 and is powerful until the 22nd of this month. It is a spiritual month, a time for getting closer to the Higher Power within you, and for achieving spiritual goals. On the mundane level it is good to be more active in charities or altruistic causes now. The cosmos is pushing you to clear the decks of the past year and start your new year (which begins on your birthday) with a clean slate. Any practice that helps you do this is good. Pay attention to the dream life this month, as dreams will tend to be both prophetic and revelatory. All of you, whether on the spiritual path or not, will have super­natural kinds of experiences this period. Those on the path will recognize them for what they are; those not on the path will pass them off as ‘coincidence’.
On the 22nd you enter one of your yearly personal plea­sure peaks. Virgos are work horses, so periods of personal pleasure – of pampering – are more beneficial for them than most.
Also on the 22nd the planets move into their maximum Eastern position. So you are in a period of maximum personal independence and power now. Use it to your advantage by channelling this extra energy into building the conditions that you want. You can and should have things your way now; personal happiness and fulfilment are up to you. You have plenty of planetary support for this.
Love becomes more delicate after the 22nd. You and the beloved seem distant with each other. This can be physical distance or psychological distance. The effect is more or less the same. You have opposite perspectives and opinions. Neither is right or wrong. Sometimes you will have to go with your partner’s wishes, sometimes he or she will have to give in to you. If you can bridge these differences your rela­tionship can become stronger than before. In astrology, it is the opposites that are the natural marriage partners. Real power comes from the union of opposites. The ancients understood that opposites were merely two sides of the same coin. On the surface they seem to conflict, but in reality they complement each other. Part of the problem is that the current love is focused on his or her interest and you are focused on your interest, and these are divergent. Compromise, compromise, compromise.