Horoscope Virgo April 2021

Predictions Virgo April 2021

Though astrologers don’t ordinarily consider Mercury retrograde a good aspect for Virgo, this month is different.
So much good is coming to you from others that undue confidence or self-will on your part – justified though you think it is – could interfere with things.
The wisdom of the Cosmos is continually amazing. It creates a situation where you doubt yourself, or feel a lack of confidence, so that something better will happen than you ever would have planned for yourself.
Don’t make things happen this month, just allow them to happen.
With both Pluto and Mercury retrograde at the same time, avoid major mailings, seminars and sales projects until after the 20th. Allow more time for errands, as delays are more likely. Domestic journeys are better scheduled for after the 20th.
With Mercury in your 8th House all month you are confronted with the seedier side of life: death, terrorism, occult forces.
Dealing with these will strip away of some of your naivete and enlarge your understanding. Mystery and horror novels (and films) hold particular allure.
Your love and financial life are unusually good. Only once in 11 years do you get to experience the wonders of a Jupiter-Venus conjunction in your House of Marriage. Singles are likely to marry or to be involved in a significant relationship now.
Marrieds are behaving like honeymoon- ers. Friends are getting married. Romance and parties dominate the month. The whole year is very romantic, but this is one of the most romantic periods of the year.
Earnings are very strong this month too.
Money comes from partners, family members or people who are like family to you. You earn more and you spend more. You are more generous than usual, and this in turn brings more financial opportunities your way.
This is not a month for saving pennies but for creating large visions of wealth – for going after the big payout. A financial windfall comes the week of the 20th to the 26th.
Could be the fortunate sale of a home or auspicious property speculation. Perhaps it is a gift from a parent, or a financial opportunity that comes through the family. A very good surprise.

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