Horoscope Virgo April 2019

Your 8th house is strong until the 19th of this month. This house has many levels of meaning and each is valid. On the purely mundane level it shows a greater interest in sex. Libido is more aroused than usual (no matter what your age or stage in life), and this active sex life shows that there is much happening on the social front. Sex and love are two different things, but your needs are being met. Often power in the 8th house brings encounters with death – not neces­sarily personal death but more involvement with these matters. There is a tendency to attend more funerals or memorial services. Perhaps there are near-death kinds of experiences, or perhaps a death that you read about in the papers affects you particularly deeply. There is a need to come to a better understanding of it and the cosmos has many ways to arrange this.
The 8th house also deals with personal transformation. We all have an ideal self that we would like to manifest. In order to do this the old self has to be detoxed, and eventu­ally has to die. For the pauper to become a prince, the pauper self needs to die (on a psychological level) so that the prince can be born. Some refer to this process as resurrec­tion, some as metamorphosis, some as transformation. Whatever label is used, the meaning is essentially the same. The old self doesn’t die easily; it puts up a terrific fight. Thus when the 8th house is strong, life tends to be more stormy. Detoxing is seldom pleasant. The effete material that surfaces is shocking and ugly. Yet, the end result of the process is wonderful – a clean body, a clean mind, a new self. The stresses and strains that you feel this month are the birth pangs of a new self.
Many areas of life are getting detoxed this month: the body (from the 14th onwards); the financial life (until the 15th, but the process has been going on since March 22); the career and career path; and the spiritual life. Those of you on the spiritual path will find that a good mental, emotional and physical detox will change the whole quality of your spiritual practice. Meditation will go much better.
Detox regimes have been important healthwise since 2011, but this month even more so. Detox regimes done this month will be more powerful than at other times, and the results will be better and deeper. This is a great month to lose weight if you need to. Health is good all month, but especially after the 19th.
The financial trends are pretty much the same as last month, until the 15th. After that, Venus moves into Taurus, your 9th house. Since Venus will be in adverse aspect with Saturn, speculations should be avoided. You could have some delays in finances, in getting paid, or in getting customers, but be patient – all will work out. The stresses are temporary and not trends for the year or even the month. Your spouse, partner or current love is in a yearly financial peak. Prosperity is happening now. His or her financial ups and downs will be extreme this year, but now they are on the upswing.