Horoscope Tiger 2018

The Year of the Dog starts on 4 February and holds encouraging prospects for the Tiger. This is a year in which his experience and efforts can lead to success, while his personal life will be active and often pleasurable.
In his work the year will bring some interesting developments, although to benefit the Tiger will need to work hard and be prepared to put himself forward. This is no year for him to rest on his laurels or be slow in following up opportunities. Action is the key.
Many Tigers will have done their reputation much good recently and early in the Dog year the Tiger could find himself being singled out for other duties or given opportunities to progress. Whether he is approached directly or sees an opening that interests him, he should make the most of it. By showing himself keen, he will often be able to make good headway, and with the aspects as they are, one step forward could lead to others. For the ambitious Tiger, the Dog year holds excellent potential.

Similarly, for those Tigers who may be in a rut or feeling unfulfilled in their present position, this is a time when they should seize the initiative and look to make changes. Although change will bring pressures and anxious moments, especially if the Tiger has been in the same position for some time, he will often revel in the chance to try something different and use his skills in other ways. Even if some of his initial applications fail, he should not lose heart. The Dog year rewards the dedicated and determined, and during it many Tigers will be able to set their career off on a more rewarding path. February, March and the months from July to mid-October could see important career developments, but such is the promising nature of the year that whenever an interesting opportunity appears, the Tiger should act quickly.
This also applies to those Tigers seeking work. Again, many will be successful over the year in obtaining a position which will broaden their experience and offer a good platform for further development in the future.

With the progressive aspects of the year, this is also an excellent time for the Tiger to further his skills. What he learns over the year, whether through training or in the course of his duties, will not only help him in the present but also widen his scope for the future. Those Tigers who may have been seeking work for some time will find that by exploring the possibilities of retraining or taking advantage of any courses they may be eligible for, they can greatly improve their prospects.
Travel, too, is favourably aspected and the Tiger should aim to go away at some time over the year. With his keen and adventurous nature, he could find his travels bringing him a lot of fun as well as the chance to see some often impressive sights. For those Tigers who decide to travel considerable distances, it would, though, be worth planning their itinerary carefully, reading up about their destination and checking what they may need well in advance. This way they will often get far more out of their trips.

As far as money matters are concerned, this will be a generally favourable year, with the Tiger’s enterprise and hard work often leading to an increase in income. However, to benefit, the Tiger does need to manage his money well. This is a year for keeping control over his purse-strings rather than proceeding on too much of an ad hoc basis.
This will be a rewarding year as far as the Tiger’s home life is concerned. He will be particularly grateful for the support of those around him and should be forthcoming about any ideas he has, as well as any hopes and concerns, as he will be able to do much more as a result of the advice and encouragement he receives. He will enjoy many of the family activities that take place too, including setting about home projects, sharing interests or simply enjoying time with his loved ones. However, as with any year, problems will sometimes emerge. When they do, the Tiger should address these before they start to sour domestic life. Fortunately such situations will be few, but when they do occur the Tiger does need to act quickly. Talking, listening and a willingness to take a more accommodating attitude will help. Overall, though, this will be a pleasing year domestically, with the Tiger appreciating the support and encouragement his loved ones are able to give.

The Tiger’s social prospects are also favourably aspected. With his various interests and contacts, he will have many opportunities to go out, with April, June, September and December being particularly active months. As the year progresses, he will often find his social circle widening and for those Tigers who may have felt lonely or would welcome a more fulfilling social life, the Dog year can bring quite a transformation. For the unattached, this can be an exciting year, with many meeting someone who will quickly become special. Romantically, this can be a significant and memorable year.
In almost all areas of the Tiger’s life, the aspects are promising. In his work there will be chances to make progress and further his skills, while his domestic and social life will also bring much satisfaction. However, to benefit from the favourable aspects, the Tiger will need to act upon his ideas and take his opportunities. This is a year when hard work and a willing attitude will be rewarded.

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