Horoscope Taurus September 2021

Predictions Taurus September 2021

Phew! – a much easier month than August was. More fun, too. Strong planetary power in the Western (social) sector of your chart shows that you should avoid undue self-assertion and independence. Goals are attained through co-operation with others and through their good graces.
Career issues still need more time to develop; push ahead slowly. Where an opportunity for advancement presents itself, take it. But biding your time is still the correct strategy.
With Earth the strongest element this month, you are more appreciated and esteemed by others. Your practical, no-nonsense nature is in vogue now. This is not only a great month for parties, love affairs and creativity, but also for dealing with the nitty-gritty details of life – accounting, bookkeeping, figuring out budgets and the like. Though
you were born with a good technical mind, this month your gift is even stronger.
There is much involvement with children this month and generally you get on very well with them, but try to avoid being hyper-critical in the hopes that you will improve them. Keep criticism constructive and good natured.
With Pluto finally moving forward after many months of retrograde motion, your love life is starting to straighten out. Good progress is made in a current relationship. Your desire for fun and games could jar your partner, who is more interested in serious issues – like money-making. Your partner’s finances are improving, but are a bit stormy this month. Unusual work and effort are involved here. You, on the other hand, are earning money pleasurably and having a good time with it.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 6th is kind to you. Still, take a reduced schedule from the 4th to the 7th. Every Lunar Eclipse tends to affect your relations with neighbours and siblings – purifying the relationship through upheavals. This one is no different, but it is less intense than it could be. Also it occurs in your 11th House of Friends and Organizations, indicating a major long-term change there. Friendship gets tested. A friend goes through a crisis and you get put to the test. You re-evaluate your ties to an organization or social club.

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