Horoscope Taurus September 2019

On August 22 you entered one of your yearly personal plea­sure peaks, one of your cosmic vacation periods and a time for recreation and the enjoyment of life. You are still very much in this peak until the 22nd of this month. No matter the problems we face or the complications, life can still be enjoyed – and the joy itself alleviates many of the problems. This is the lesson of the month ahead.
For the past two months Taureans of child-bearing age have been at their most fertile for the year. This trend continues this month. (In 2019 they will be even more fertile than now.)
On the 22nd as the Sun enters your 6th house of health and work, you enter a more serious, work-oriented period. You have a need to be productive. It’s a very good period for job seekers. There is good fortune now. If you are a job seeker, family connections should be explored.
This month we have a very dynamic Grand Square in the heavens. It began on August 16 and will be in effect all this month. This indicates a challenging kind of period. You are involved in some huge, complicated undertaking and this tends to be stressful. You want to manifest something big in the world. Many competing interests have to be balanced and harmonized – love, career, personal interests, work, home and family. Each pulls you in a different direction. Each demands their due. When things are this complicated it is best to handle each day as it comes. Handle the needs of the day – the needs of the hour – and try not to project too far into the future. If today is handled right, tomorrow will also be handled right.
Love is once again being severely tested. As we mentioned, this has been going on all year, but the severity tends to wax and wane. Now it is more severe than in the past. You won’t be able to completely eliminate the negativ­ity, but you can minimize it as much as possible. The good news is that your 7th house of love is very strong right now. Most of the planets are still in the Western, social sector of the Horoscope. Thus love and social activities are very important to you. You are focused here, and willing to over­come all the challenges – and this tends to success.
There are more dramatic financial changes happening from the 9th to the 29th. But you will get through. Your good work ethic and your social connections will be a big help.
Health is basically good. This too is a help. With high energy levels you can cope with all the hectic activity happening. You can enhance the health even further by giving more attention to the kidneys and hips (like last month) until the 11th, and to the colon, bladder and sexual organs after the 11th. Detox regimes are powerful after the 11th.