Horoscope Taurus October 2021

Predictions Taurus October 2021

Most of the planets are still firmly in the Western (social) sector of your chart, showing a need for adaptability and flexibility. This is not the time for undue independence, power struggles or self-assertion. Change is coming through other people. Allow good to come to you, don’t force it.
Eighty per cent of the planets are moving forward after the 18th, indicating that your life and plans are moving forward and that this is a month of achievement.
There are many changes in your life right now, but the most notable are Uranu’s and Neptune’s forward motion on your Midheaven and Saturn’s move back into Aries.
Uranus’ and Neptune’s forward motion bodes well for your career. Events that have been germinating underground or behind the scenes are now ready to emerge. Stalled plans, projects or promotions are now moving forward. People at the top are now ready to act on your proposals. Dealings with the government now take a forward turn and it seems harmonious to you, though not a completely smooth road. Friends in high places stop straddling the fence and take action in your favour.
Saturn’s move into Aries gives you some breathing space for a while. But discipline and work are still important – especially until the 23rd. Certain burdens and responsibilities which you’ve been carrying are temporarily taken away. A religious discipline you’ve undertaken is lifted for a while.
Jobs are plentiful for sincere job-seekers. Employers have an abundance of employees. Job-seekers gravitate to better- paid, more prestigious work in beautiful, harmonious surroundings. Relations with co-workers are harmonious, with plenty of flirtation going on. You are entering a very strong romantic period for the next few months. Singles are likely to find that significant other. Marrieds become more amorous. There is an increase in parties and social events. Beauty in all its forms is more appreciated.
Your health is excellent until the 23rd. After that, rest and relax more. Health is enhanced through the arts this
month – through dance, figure skating, creative hobbies and yoga or T’ai chi.

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