Horoscope Taurus October 2019

This month the planetary power shifts once again. This time the shift is from the lower portion of the Horoscope to the upper – to the sector of career and outer achievement. It is morning in your year, and time to wake up and focus on the outer world – especially the career. The shift begins on the 23rd. From here on in, for the rest of the year ahead, you can let go of family and emotional issues and focus on your outer goals.
On the 23rd you enter a yearly social peak. The love life, which has been stressed all year, gets easier and more active. You still need to be choosy about your friends and the invi­tations you accept, but the ones that happen now are of a higher quality. Singles are dating more but are not likely to marry. Those working on the second or third marriage had very nice opportunities last month, and there are more on the way. A vindictive spouse or lover seems to be harming your good professional reputation, or wants to. The truth will eventually prevail.
The pace of life is less hectic than last month, especially after the 23rd. The major project going on seems to have made progress and requires less effort. Your health still needs watching, and happily you are on the case. The important thing is to get more rest after the 23rd. Enhance the health through detox regimes all month. Until the 7th colon detoxing is powerful; after that, liver detoxing. Safe sex and sexual moderation are important until the 7th. After the 7th regular thigh massage will be powerful.
A Lunar Eclipse on the 18th occurs in your 12th house of spirituality. It also impacts on Jupiter, the planet of religion and metaphysics. This suggests that important spiritual and philosophical changes are happening now. You change your spiritual regime and discipline, perhaps your teachers as well. There can be dramatic, life-changing kinds of events with people at your place of worship and in spiritual organi­zations that you are involved with. With Jupiter (the ruler of your 8th house of transformation) involved here you could be having encounters (generally psychological) with death. There is a need to come to terms with it, to understand it better. Your spouse, partner or current love is forced to make dramatic financial changes. Cars and communication equip­ment get tested.
Your financial planet will be in your 7th house of love all month. Thus there can be business partnerships or joint ventures happening. The opportunities come to you. Social connections play an important role in earnings. You seem to have good access to outside money this month, to credit or outside investors.
Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st. Try to make im­portant purchases and financial decisions before then. Afterwards more homework is needed. It might seem to you that your financial life is going backwards instead of forwards but this is illusory. You just need to slow down a little and review the financial life.