Horoscope Taurus November 2021

Predictions Taurus November 2021

Eighty per cent of the planets are moving forward and most of the planets remain in the Western (social) sector of your chart. Another month of progress and achievement, but through others. Your Ruler (Venus) in your 7th House of Social Activity also reinforces this trend. Achieve ends through tact, diplomacy and consensus, not through self- will or self-assertion.
Neptune makes a major – and permanent – move into Aquarius, your 10th House (Career), this month. The ferment and experimentation going on in your career is now going to increase. You have a new vision of career possibilities. Anything can happen, and anything is possible. Career barriers and obstacles crumble before your vision. Your highest ideals are attainable. They are so real that they seem like present realities. Many people might be thrown off-balance by this kind of energy, but you down-to-earth Taureans will handle it. You will hold the vision and work practically to make it happen.
A friend takes a position of power in your company or industry. Someone who shares your personal vision. This is very good news for your career. Artists, musicians, poets and ministers are getting public recognition in the coming
years. Career goals are furthered through networking, astrology and charitable activities.
Love is active and good this month – very physical and erotic as well. You are going out of your way to please your beloved, and your interests and desires are in unity with his or hers. Your social judgement is deep and perceptive. Jealousy and possessiveness are especially great dangers during this period. But the good times are unusually good.
Your Money Planet in Sagittarius is a favourable financial signal.
Earnings are increased. Financial horizons are expanded. Wealth principles are revealed to you. There is optimism about finance. And since Sagittarius rules your 8th House (Elimination, Transformation), financial luck manifests as an ability to reduce expenses and waste – to get more with what you have. Mercury, your Money Planet, goes retrograde after the 21st, so be sure you wrap up all major purchases, investments and financial deals before then.

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