Horoscope Taurus November 2020

The Moon waxes on the 1st and from the 15th to the 30th: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 2nd to the 15th: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 15th occurs in Scorpio, your 7th Solar House. Romantic and social problems will be clarified as the month progresses – all the information you need will come. We have two Moons this month. The Moon of the 1st occurs in Taurus, your 1st Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve fitness and personal pleasure goals. Have fun on that day. The Moon of the 30th occurs in Gemini, your 2nd Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve financial goals.
Health is more stressed this period, so take a reduced schedule or try to rest and relax more until the 22nd. Both your career and social life are much more active and you can’t be everywhere at once or be all things to all people. Focus on priorities.
Most of the planets are in the west, and your 7th House of Love and Social Activities is very powerful. This is a social month – a month for honing and refining your social skills. Good comes through the grace of other people and not by personal effort or self-assertion. Seek consensus in all things and put others first.
Love is a mixed picture this month. On the one hand there is more going out and socializing – more romantic opportunity. On the other hand we see increased passion, intensity and, at certain times, conflict. Your beloved (or friends) feel slighted by your career focus. More likely there is a tendency to bring career battles into your love relationship – they need to be left at the door of the office. You seem the aggressor in love. You pursue the relationship – albeit in charming ways. The urge to nurture and be nurtured is the strongest driving force in love this period.
By the 8th, 70 to 80 per cent of the planets are above the horizon, activating your ambition and urge for outward success. Mars in your House of Career all month shows that the pace here is getting hectic. You have to fight for position and fend off competitors. Important revelations – perhaps scandalous – also force more work. Career issues will get easier after the 22nd.
Mercury, your Financial Planet, moves quickly through three different Signs and Houses this month. It covers a lot of territory. Thus, you have more financial confidence and money comes to you from various places and through various people. A Grand Trine in Water on the 23rd/24th brings financial windfalls (love opportunities also come) – you deserve them, as you’ve been working harder for earnings than usual.
Your important areas of interest are: health and work (happy), love and romance (mixed), personal transformation, depth psychology, making money for others, debt and tax issues (volatile), career (very hectic but ultimately successful).
Your paths of greatest fulfilment are: communication and intellectual interests, finance, health and work, love and romance.

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