Horoscope Taurus May 2021

Predictions Taurus May 2021

Taurus is not noted for the ability to start new things and projects. You are more noted for the ability to carry something to completion and for perfecting an already existing project. Yet, during this period, with almost all of the planets in your Eastern sector, you have an unusual capacity to start new projects. If you’re thinking about going it on your own, or starting an important long-term venture, this is the time to set it in motion. Tremendous power is behind you.
Retrograde activity increases this month. And, while the percentage of retrograde motion is only 30 per cent, two of the three planets are key ones for you.
The retrograde of Pluto, your Love Planet, has been going on for a few months now. Serious love is on hold for a while, though there will be ample short-term opportunities. With Pluto retrograde and with so many planets in the East, we have another signal of independence and the need not to compromise. Right now do the things that make you good.
Uranus, your Career Planet, starts to retrograde on the 17th, indicating that career development needs to germinate behind the scenes. The tremendous career progress you’ve made recently needs to be digested and assimilated before you advance further.
Many powerful planets are moving through Taurus this month, giving you energy, personal magnetism, charisma and grace. You are full of energy. You excel in sports, athletics and exercise programmes. You are active in charitable and ministerial works. A supernatural – other worldly – charm enfolds you, but be sure to keep both feet on the ground. You experience higher states of consciousness, but make sure that when you come down you focus on the earth. Don’t try to live in both worlds at once.
Finances are very powerful this month as well. Money is seeking you – rushing towards you in ways you like and which are harmonious to your needs. You need not compromise yourself to get it. You need not seek it.

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