Horoscope Taurus May 2019

When Mercury enters your sign on the 1st of the month, the planetary shift below the horizon of your chart is estab­lished; up to 70 per cent of the planets will be in the lower half of the Horoscope, the maximum for the year. Career is still important, but now it is time to work on the career by interior methods – by the methods of the night rather than the methods of the day. Visualize what you want and where you want to be. Fall asleep with this image. Work inwardly to attain the ‘feeling’ of the desired result. This is a form of day dreaming that is under your conscious control. Let go of the world of appearance – you are after an ‘inner state’ -and in truth, no outer appearance has the power to obstruct your entry. As you live in the feeling of what you want, eventually (and especially when the planets shift again) the inner state will ‘objectify’ and become manifest.
When Mercury enters your sign you start to receive nice financial windfalls. This is a prosperous month. Financial opportunities will seek you out without the need to run after them. Your personal appearance and overall demean­our seems very important in finances this month and thus you spend more on your image.
Health and energy are still very good. In fact this abun­dance of energy could actually create some problems. You tend to be more in a hurry now. You want everything to happen quickly, and so impatience could make you careless. Temper could be a problem too. It can invite undesirable or needless conflict. Make haste but be mindful about it.
We have two eclipses this month. The first, the Solar Eclipse of the 10th, is the stronger one. It occurs in your own sign. Make sure you reduce your schedule then. All Taureans will feel this, but those born between April 5 and April 15 will feel it strongest. Often these eclipses bring detoxes of the body, especially if you haven’t been careful in dietary matters. It causes a need to redefine the personality and image. Outer events will happen that will force this. You will start to think differently about yourself and present a new image to the world. Often this brings changes of hairstyle and wardrobe. The family seems affected by this eclipse as well. There are shake-ups there, with life-changing kinds of events in the lives of family members (or those who are like family to you). If there are hidden flaws in the home, you find out about them now and will be forced to make repairs and corrections.
The Lunar Eclipse of May 25 brings dramas in the lives of siblings or sibling figures in your life. Cars and communica­tion equipment will get tested and will often need replace­ment. Your spouse, partner or current love will be forced to make dramatic financial changes.