Horoscope Taurus March 2021

Predictions Taurus March 2021

Most of the planets are still very much in your Eastern sector, and most of them are moving forward. All in all you are getting things your way, acting with great independence and with little need to compromise. Progress and achievement are the result. And, though there are only two planets retrograde this month, these two happen to be key planets for you. So you must make haste slowly.
The retrograde of Pluto on the 8th signals caution in love and the re-evaluation of current relationships and partnerships. New relationships especially get reviewed. Those of you in old, long-established relationships are probably used to these periods and will weather them just fine. They happen for five to six months every year.
Mercury’s retrograde is very important to you, as this is your Financial Planet. It begins to retrograde on the 27th. So, wrap up important financial deals and make investments, purchases and long-term financial commitments before then.
If you have important mailings or sales projects scheduled, do them before the 27th.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 13th is kind to you. The upheavals and changes it brings seem to further your goals and work in your favour. It brings pleasant tests in a love affair (not in a marriage, though), in relations with children and in a creative project. Things happen which reinforce or prove the correctness of your position. In other words, the eclipse vindicates you.
There are three ‘most active’ areas in your life this month. The first is your career – which is going well and is very stimulating and exciting. The second is the area of friendships, groups and organizations – also very good and probably a source of earnings and investment capital for those looking for this. The third is your 12th House of Spirituality. You seem hyperactive, personally and physically involved in charitable and voluntary activities. Your dream life is also hyperactive. Make sure to write them down. It would be good to set aside some time for a review
of the past year and to set goals for the next yearly cycle which begins on your birthday.
Your health is wonderful all month. A sudden change in a dietary or health programme brings pleasant results.

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