Horoscope Taurus March 2019

Though your yearly career peak is mostly over with, there are still nice things happening here. Success continues. Your career planet, Uranus, receives intense and positive stimula­tion towards the end of the month, and as most of the plan­ets are still above the horizon, the outer world is still the focus. Mars conjuncts with your career planet from the 18th to the 21st. This indicates that you are working hard and being aggressive in career matters, together with confidence and quick achievement. (It can also bring some conflicts too.) The Sun also conjuncts with Uranus from the 27th to the 30th, which shows good family support for the career, and that family or family connections are creating opportu­nities. Probably you will be working more from home during that period. Venus is also conjunct to Uranus from the 26th to the 29th. This shows personal success, elevation, and someone who is ‘on top’ of their world. These aspects are also bringing happy career opportunities.
The Water element is very strong until the 12th – up to 70 per cent of the planets are in water signs. People are unusu­ally sensitive these days, so be more mindful about this. They will not only react to words, but to gestures, body language, voice tones and facial expressions. Seemingly lit­tle things can provoke unexpected responses. Some extra precautions can prevent much heartache and hurt feelings later on.
This is a very spiritual kind of month. Until the 20th there are many planets in the sign of Pisces, and after that date the Sun, Mars and Venus move into Aries – your 12th house of spirituality. Many of you will make important spiritual breakthroughs. Spiritual practice should go better as well. You are close to the invisible world and the invis­ible world is close to you. You can expect a hyperactive dream life and many kinds of supernatural experiences. It is a good month to be involved in charities and altruistic causes.
Finances are still a bit delicate however. Your financial planet is retrograde until the 17th, so continue to review your financial life. This is still a period for gaining mental clarity on your finances, not for actually doing things. When Mercury starts to move forward on the 17th clarity should be there and it will be safer to make important financial decisions and moves then. The financial planet in Pisces indicates good financial intuition. But while Mercury is still retrograde you need to double check your intuition. After the 17th it becomes more trustworthy.
Financial opportunities come through friends, groups and group activities. Online activities also boost the finances. It is very important to stay up to date with the latest technology: your technological skills are important for the bottom line.
Love is reasonable until the 20th. After that it gets rather stormy. A current relationship hangs by a thread.