Horoscope Taurus June 2021

Predictions Taurus June 2021

The main headline this month is Saturn’s move from Aries into Taurus on 10th June. Though this is only a brief visit (from now until 25th October), Saturn will move here permanently in the next year. So, consider this a taste of things to come.
Saturn in your own Sign has health implications which you will feel more next month than now. Your health and vitality this month will be strong as the short-term planets are kind to you. But, in general you need to manage your energy better, to discern carefully between real duties and false ones projected on you by others. You will have plenty of energy to handle what you’re supposed to handle, but not enough to squander away on things that are not your concern.
There is danger in another’s duty,’ say the sages. If you are in the corporate world you are probably taking on more responsibility now. Your career is advancing strongly. If you are in the executive ranks, or self-employed, your career is also advancing, but you must start delegating authority and responsibility. In other words, you need to shed some responsibility.
There is a need to bring your corporate philosophy of efficiency and good management into your physical body and physical fitness regimes. Diet needs to be controlled, though not over-controlled. Physical needs and desires need
to be taken care of with minimum energy and attention. This is a good time to lose weight if you’re overweight, or to gain weight if you’re underweight.
When Saturn moves into a person’s Sign there is a tendency to coldness, to feel one’s separateness from others. Though we are all One on a certain spiritual level, in the practical day-to-day world we are separate. Distinguishing between these two levels is going to become important now. Your coolness, which is happening subconsciously and is not part of your true nature, could put other people off – especially the opposite sex. You will have to work consciously and wilfully on becoming warmer and friendlier to others, though you won’t feel much like it.
You are taking on the image of a managerial type.

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