Horoscope Taurus June 2019

Last month on the 20th, you entered a yearly financial peak – Taurus heaven! This continues until the 21st of this month. The money is rolling in and financial objectives are being attained. By the 27th, as Jupiter leaves the money house, your interests will shift to the mind, to learning, communicating, teaching and intellectual interests. It’s time to take a financial breather and take stock. Your financial planet goes retrograde on the 26th and this is the time to take that break. Avoid making major financial commitments or decisions after the 26th. Focus more on fact-gathering and doing your financial homework.
Jupiter moving into your 3rd house of communication will bring a new car and new communication equipment to you – if not this month, in the year ahead.
Finance is the major focus this month until the 21st. After that, it is good to build up your knowledge base and expand the mind – take courses in subjects that interest you, build up your vocabulary, catch up on the phone calls, letters or emails that you owe. This will not only be pleasurable in its own right, but with your financial planet in your 3rd house all month this will have a good bottom-line effect as well.
Love continues to be problematic this month, especially after the 21st. There have been problems here all year, but in the past two months things should have been quieter. Now they flare up again. The current relationship is in crisis. Sometimes it is not the fault of the actual relationship; there can be dramatic, life-changing events – a personal crisis – in the life of your spouse, partner or current love and the prob­lems stem from that.
Affairs of the heart are complicated. It is difficult to give rules as every situation is unique, but as a general principle we could say to follow the path of least pain. A stormy rela­tionship is going to be painful no matter what, but you can maximize that pain or minimize it. Do your best to minimize it.
Love is stressful, but the overall social situation looks happy. New and important friends are coming into the picture this month.
A boss, parent or parent figure – an authority figure in your life – could have surgery or near-death kind of experi­ence this month. And a parent or parent figure has a finan­cial windfall between the 19th and the 21st. There are also opportunities to move, buy additional homes, or renovate the present home during this period.
Legal matters are delayed but the end result looks successful. There are happy travel opportunities this month, but allow more time getting to and from your destination.