Horoscope Taurus July 2021

Predictions Taurus July 2021

The increase in retrograde activity and Saturn’s presence in your own Sign is a strong message to make haste slowly. Make obstacles your stepping stones to greater success. Use delays to improve your product or service. Consider them blessed and fortunate, for in your case they are revelations of higher principles – teaching devices.
If you are involved in tax, estate or insurance litigation during this period, try to avoid making any settlements for a while – or make them before the 17th.
After this time your judgement is likely to be unrealistic.
Hold your spouse’s or lover’s hand this month as they cope with personal and financial delays. There is nothing wrong with them – only a stretch of cosmic weather.
Your career and love life are more or less on hold. Developments need to take place behind the scenes. Things need to be thought about and reviewed. This is not the time to schedule either a marriage or divorce or to force career issues.
With all the short-term planets at the bottom half of your chart great progress is possible within the family and in the domestic situation – especially after the 23rd. A good period to harmonize family relations, enlist their support, and to redecorate or do needed tasks around the house. Those of you involved in psychological therapies will make important breakthroughs this month.
Mercury, your Money Planet, goes retrograde on the 31st. Wrap up financial deals, contracts, important purchases, investments and the like before then. There are many opportunities to earn money from home in your spare time. There are strong urges to speculate this month, but limit your risks. Do so in a conservative, rational way. Spending on the home increases. Financial intuition is strong until the 6th.
Intellectual interests, sales, marketing and trading activities are successful before the 31st. Relations with siblings and neighbours are active but bittersweet. There is a kind of love-hate thing going on.
Rest and relax more after the 23rd. Those contemplating surgery should get a second opinion. Elective surgery might best be rescheduled for another time.

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