Horoscope Taurus July 2019

In order to manifest the desires of your heart, the cosmos has sometimes to shake things up, sometimes in dramatic ways. This is what is happening this month. Love continues to be severely tested all month. There are important career changes happening. And the family situation also seems unstable. All these changes will ultimately be good, but while they are happening they are not so pleasant.
Part of the family stress can be attributed to a move, reno­vation or other home improvement. It is good that you are focusing on the home and family now. Career issues will take time to resolve and there is no quick solution there. Your career planet goes retrograde on the 17th and will be retrograde until December 17 – almost the balance of the year ahead. Appearances are deceptive now. Avoid judging the career by what ‘seems’ to be; work now to attain mental clarity here – this is the most important thing.
Your 3rd house of communication is still very powerful until the 22nd. This is a very nice transit for students below college level. Learning is fun. There is success in their stud­ies. A sibling or sibling figure enters a two-year period of prosperity and overall success.
This is a hectic, active month. Happily health is good until the 22nd and you have all the energy you need to deal with all this activity. After the 22nd though, you need to rest and relax more and do whatever you can to maintain your high energy levels. Spend more time at the health spa. Get massages. Until the 23rd you can enhance your health by paying more attention to the heart. Avoid worry and anxiety as much as possible. Right diet also seems important. After the 23rd pay more attention to the small intestine.
For singles this is a good month for practising uncondi­tional love. Those working on the second marriage have very nice love opportunities now (and last month as well). A foreign trip could materialize from the 12th to the 19th, but with your travel planet Saturn still retrograde, allow more time for getting to and from your destination.
There are important financial changes happening this month. Your financial planet Mercury camps out in square aspect to Uranus from the 17th to the 21st. However, it’s best to make the changes after the 21st when Mercury is going forward once more.
The planetary power is starting to shift from the East to the West – the social sector of the chart. So your period of personal independence is starting to end. The shift is not yet complete but it is in process. You are starting to shift psycho­logical gears; the focus is now on other people rather than your own personal interests.