Horoscope Taurus January 2022

Predictions Taurus January 2022

Really do not be amazed when the January 11 Moon in Capricorn, your solar Ninth House, sparks a need for fresh scenery. A winter getaway is a wonderful approach to relax, but schedule the journey after the 17th. Otherwise you may run into delays and an improved possibility for lost luggage. Or skip travel altogether and devote a handful of weekend days to seeing museum and art exhibits.
Relationships is going to be a bit rocky occasionally this month as several planets clash with Saturn in Scorpio, your solar Seventh House. But it is possible to find out significantly from at the least some of these folks for those who retain an open thoughts and listen closely. You could possibly also feel that other individuals are purposely attempting to hold you back, striving to stop progress.
This could be accurate to some extent, but dig deeper and find the causes behind the words.
Career indicators are mainly optimistic this month with Mercury plus the Sun in Aquarius, your solar Tenth House, from your 19th on. Favorable planetary alignments close to the 22nd and 25th could even trigger a raise or bonus or promising information for the future. But with Mars on this sector all month, adaptability will probably be a vital asset. Otherwise you might discover your self during the midst of conflict.
Home may not be your preferred place the week with the January 26 Moon in Leo, your solar Fourth House. Issues could come from a variety of directions, like the potential for issues with family members and possible appliance and various upkeep complications.

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