Horoscope Taurus January 2019

You begin your year with 80 per cent and sometimes 90 per cent of the planets above the horizon of your chart. On the 19th you enter a yearly career peak. So this is a time to be focused on the career and on outer achievement. Family is important to you, but even the family is supportive of the career goals. They are urging you on. There is little of the usual conflict between family life and the career these days and this is good. This is a month of success and forward progress.
The planetary momentum is forward this month. Until the 30th, 90 per cent of the planets are moving forward, and after the 30th ALL of them will be going forward. This is an excellent time – and especially from the 11th to the 27th -to launch new projects or products into the world. Forward progress should be more rapid than usual.
This month, beginning on the 19th, the planetary power will shift from the West to the East, from the social sector of your chart to the sector of the self. This produces psychologi­cal changes. You enter a period of greater personal indepen­dence. You have more power and ability to create conditions as you desire them to be, to have life your way on your terms. In the past six months you’ve been forced to adapt to situations, to compromise and to ‘people please’. By now you know what situations are unpleasant and what needs to be changed, and now you can start making the changes. Happiness is up to you and you alone.
Health and vitality are basically good until the 19th, but afterwards you need to rest and relax more and maintain high energy levels. If you drop the trivia from your life and focus on what’s really important you will discover that you have all the energy you need to achieve your goals. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report. But until the 10th also give more attention to the liver and thighs. Regular thigh massage will be good. After the 10th your health planet moves into Capricorn, so more attention needs to be given to the spine, knees, teeth, bones, skin and overall skeletal alignment. Regular back and knee massage will be powerful. If you feel under the weather, a visit to the chiropractor or osteopath might also be good. Detox regimes are powerful until the 10th, while after that date metaphysi­cal therapies – prayer, positive visualization – will be power­ful.
The main career challenge now comes from your spouse, partner or current love. There seems to be some opposition here. Perhaps he or she feels that you are too focused on your outer life and not enough on your relationship. This will be a challenge all year. Somehow you have to balance career duties with your relationship. Love is challenging this year, but especially this month until the 19th. A current relationship is being severely tested.
You are in a cycle of prosperity now. The money is rolling in. But the prosperity will be even stronger after the 19th.