Horoscope Taurus February 2021

Predictions Taurus February 2021

When Venus, your Ruling Planet, goes forward on the 5th, 100 per cent of the planets will be in forward motion. This is a month of progress, achievement and forward momentum for your plans and projects. Venus’ forward motion also clarifies many personal issues which impact on your image, body and health regimes. It makes you more confident and boosts your self-esteem. Venus in Capricorn in your 9th House (Travel, Education, Religion and Philosophy) makes you even more pragmatic than usual, adding a subdued optimism and sunny disposition to your character and expanding your personal horizons.
Many of you will travel or take advantage of educational opportunities this month.
Your down-to-earth pragmatism is especially important this month – making you particularly valuable to your employer or business. The energy of the month is lacking in Earth. Air and Water – abstract ideas and sentiments – are the forces that shape behaviour. There seems to be no one around who is thinking of practical, bottom-line issues. You are it. Your counsel should and will be taken into account.
The upper half of your Horoscope continues to be the most dominant. You are focused on your career and on outward aspirations. Your place in the world and in society is very important to you. And, with two mighty planets hovering over your Midheaven, there is great ferment and change – great idealism – in this area. The world may quiver and quake, your corporate hierarchy could change in a flash, but your place in the world is assured. Let intuition and clear thought be your guide. Change, which you generally dislike, is your great friend and benefactor – the great provider of opportunity now.
There are two areas of life which are most active this month – your 10th House (Career) and your 11th House (Friends, Organizations and Group Activities).
Mercury, your Money Planet, moves forward quickly and speedily this month. There is great financial confidence and clarity of thought. Financial goals are dealt with easily and efficiently. Money comes to you in a variety of ways, but mostly through your career (perhaps a pay rise or an opportunity from the boss or a parent) and through friends and networking activities.
Love is stable until the 20th, but gets more stormy afterwards. Health improves after the 20th.

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