Horoscope Taurus February 2019

The planets are still mostly above the horizon of the chart this month; until the 15th 90 per cent of them are above the horizon, after which the percentage drops to 80 per cent.
You are still very much in a yearly career peak, so go for it. Keep the focus. Pay rises and promotions were likely last month and could still happen in the month ahead. Family is still supporting your career activities, and seem actively involved here. The nice thing is you don’t have the usual conflicts of family vs. career that most people have. The two areas merge nicely. Like last month your challenge is to balance the love life – the marriage, the social life – with the career. It’s going to take work but somehow you have to win the support of the beloved and friends. You will figure out a way.
The planetary momentum is forward this month. Until the 18th all the planets are moving forward (highly unusu­ally). Retrograde activity will increase later in the month, but the number will never be more than 20 per cent retro­grade. So this is still a good month to launch new products or projects, especially from the 10th to the 18th.
You are still in a prosperity cycle, but finances are more challenging this month. On the 5th, Mercury, your financial planet, moves into Pisces in stressful aspect with Jupiter. This could cause over-spending or over-confidence. A healthy confidence is always a good thing, but sometimes it is unrealistic and causes people to take unnecessary risks. Mercury will go retrograde on the 23rd, so try to make important purchases or financial decisions before then. After the 23rd a healthy review of the financial life is in order. It is a time for attaining mental clarity about your finances.
Mercury travels with Neptune on the 6th and the 7th, so be alert for financial intuition on those days. Financial infor­mation and guidance will come through dreams, psychics, ministers, or spiritual channels. This is a spiritual period anyway – Mars, your spiritual planet, is travelling with Neptune from the 3rd to the 6th – so there is help available from the invisible world.
Health still needs watching until the 18th. Until the 2nd give more attention to the spine, knees, teeth, bones, skin and overall skeletal alignment, like last month. After the 2nd give more attention to the ankles and calves. These should be regularly massaged. After the 26th the feet become important and regular foot massage will be beneficial.