Horoscope Taurus December 2021

Predictions Taurus December 2021

A good and prosperous December. Saturn has temporarily lifted some burdens from you, and most of the planets are in harmonious aspect. Your health and vitality improve day by day, and by the 22nd you’ll be firing on all cylinders.
Almost all the planets are moving forward this month, and almost all of them are above the Horizon of your chart. Your career is important, successful and very active. Day by day ever greater progress is being made in this sphere of your life.
Love is erotic and passionate – perhaps possessive. The income of your partner is greatly improved and your partner is in a better mood because of it. Singles find love in strange places and in strange ways this month – in accounting offices, brokerage firms, at funerals and wakes, while negotiating a loan or visiting the building society or tax office. People who deal with other people’s money are espe-cially sexy and alluring now.
Your finances are straightening out. Mercury moves forward on the 11th, opening up stalled deals, payments and projects and clarifying your financial judgement.
Continue to hold off on any major purchases or investments until the 11th. Mercury in Sagittarius is a very good financial signal, as it shows increased earnings and great optimism about money. And since Sagittarius is your 8th House it shows that you expand by pruning – cutting costs, paying off debt, eliminating what isn’t necessary. Best to pay off debts this month. But, if outside capital is needed – through investors or lenders – it is there. Your partner is generous with you and rarely have you been in as much financial harmony as now. You see eye to eye on money matters.
Your 9th House of Foreign Travel becomes active after the 11th. Opportunities for travel come and you should take them, but try to schedule them after the 29th when Saturn starts to move forward again. Those of you involved with college administrators or universities hear good news this month, too. Schedule appointments after the New Year.

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