Horoscope Taurus December 2019

Your 8th house of transformation became powerful on the 22nd of last month, and is still powerful until the 21st of this month. Thus this is a period for detoxing on all the various levels – mental, emotional and physical. Over time the body accumulates all kinds of material. It was not necessarily evil or toxic at the time, but if it stays in the body it can become that way, so it is good to have a clean out. The same is true with material possessions. We tend to hang on to all kinds of things we no longer need. It’s time for a good house clean­ing. Get rid of the clutter. Sell it or give it to charity. Many of us also carry emotional patterns from the dim past, from childhood. Perhaps these patterns were once useful, but now they have outlived their usefulness and are probably holding you back. Let them go. This is what transformation and resurrection is all about. When the unneeded and the outgrown are got rid of, resurrection naturally happens.
Love is more active this month, but again it’s highly unstable. Expect the unexpected. Mood changes in love are difficult to handle. All your life you have been working for stability in love and now you are getting just the opposite. It is difficult to know where you stand from moment to moment.
Although the love life has been stressed and marriage is most likely not happening these days, the sex life seems active now. Your needs are being met.
Health is good this month and gets even better after the 21st. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned last month.
After the 8th we have another Grand Square pattern forming. This indicates a hectic period. Again this big project seems important. No big things ever happen without stress and struggle and this is the situation now. Happily you have the energy to handle it.
Your 9th house is powerful after the 21st and foreign travel is much easier now that Saturn is moving forward again. Students do better in school now.
There are very dynamic aspects from the 23rd to the 31st. Drive more carefully, avoid arguments, be more mindful on the physical level and avoid daredevil-type stunts. This is not a time for these sorts of things.