Horoscope Taurus August 2021

Predictions Taurus August 2021

This is a tumultuous and perhaps physically taxing month Taurus, but when the dust clears you’ll be in better shape than before. The many retrogrades this month affect your career, and the two eclipses occur along your 4th House-lOth House axis of Home and Career.
These eclipses – because they are on the angles of your chart – are more powerful than usual. By all means take a reduced schedule on the 8th and the 22nd. Avoid risky, taxing or stressful activities such as elective surgery, long journeys or athletic competitions (if you can avoid them). These are not days for bungee jumping, white water rafting, jumping horses, root canal work or complex surgery. The rule is, if you don’t absolutely have to do it, then don’t. Schedule things around these days. Also keep in mind that eclipses last, in effect, for two days before the actual eclipse and around a day after.
The Lunar Eclipse of 8th occurs in your 10th House of Career, indicating a job or career change. This change could happen in the coming months – occur with a delayed reaction – and not necessarily on this day. But change (enforced change) is coming and it will be positive.
The Solar Eclipse of the 22nd occurs in your 4th House of Home and Family, showing major, long-term changes going on there. If there are hidden flaws in your home, or in a house which you want to purchase, they will be revealed now so that you can correct them. Hidden family problems will force their way to the surface as well. With Mars moving into your 4th House on the 20th the indications are for lots of heavy work going on in the home.
Rest and relax more all month, but especially around the eclipse periods. Your vitality improves after the 23rd, but
won’t really be up to scratch until next month.
Finances are strong but more complicated than usual. Mercury, your Money Planet, is retrograde until the 23rd. You have no financial deficiency but your financial judgement may not be as astute as it normally is. Major investments, purchases, contracts, loans and the like should be put off until after the 23rd. It’s OK to study and research these things, and OK to negotiate deals, but put off final decisions until Mercury moves forward again.

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