Horoscope Taurus April 2021

Predictions Taurus April 2021

With 80 to 90 per cent of the planets moving forward, the momentum of your life is forwards. Change and progress are occurring on almost alf fronts. Even your financial life gets straightened out after the 20th when Mercury moves forward. Stalled deals and projects start going forward. If you do your financial homework until the 20th you will be ready to make your move afterwards. This is a good time for studying and reviewing your financial goals, investments and the general financial climate.
Changed opinions can work in your favour. Your financial intuition is going to be exceptionally strong after the 20th – decisions are made swiftly and with confidence.
With most of the planets in the Eastern sector you are independent, self-willed and self-assertive. You are having things your way and it’s just too bad for anyone or anything that obstructs you.’Others are adapting to you.
Though love and romance are not big priorities now, they are happening to you whether you like it or not. Of course, you always have free will. When Mr or Ms Wonderful shows
up you can say (in theory, anyway) ‘No, thanks.’ But how many people do that? Chances are singles are going to be involved in something significant this month – especially the week of 20th to 26th April. With Pluto, your Love Planet, going retrograde for the next few months you will, of course, proceed cautiously. Let love develop and grow without forcing it.
The week of 20th to 26th April is significant financially as well. This could be the week you attract outside capital – substantial sums – to your ideas, projects or business. If you are involved in insurance, estate or other litigation, the outcome seems fortunate. In the twinkle of an eye you can be out of debt. Those of you who need to borrow have no problem obtaining loans.
Your health, energy, self-esteem and self-confidence are strong all month, but especially after the 13th. You excel in sports and exercise regimes. You attract the opposite sex. You are ardent and aggressive in the pursuit of sensual delight and satisfaction. Erotic experience and performance increases.
Your romantic life is good, as mentioned, but so are your relations with friends. Your status is boosted in an organization to which you belong. New and wonderful friends are coming into your life. Those of you looking for work find a good job through friends.

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