Horoscope Taurus April 2019

The planets are now in their maximum Eastern position for the year. This trend will continue next month as well. This is the time to create the conditions that you want in your life. You have the power to do this. You know your own mind better than anyone else, and you should act on it. You can and will have life on your terms this month.
This month after the 19th, the planets will start to shift from the upper half to the lower half of the Horoscope. The shift will not be complete until next month, but you are already starting to feel it. Career goals have more or less been achieved and it is time to start focusing on the home, the family and your emotional well being. It is dusk in your year. The Sun is just getting ready to set. It is not yet dark, but getting there. Tie up loose ends in the career and get ready to get the home in order.
The planetary momentum is still strongly forward this month. It is a very good time, especially from the 10th to the 25th, to launch new products or ventures. The energy Moon of the 10th seems the optimum time for these things.
Until the 19th you are still in a very spiritual kind of period, so review our discussion of this last month.
Love is still problematic. Only a very strong relationship can survive this testing. Your beloved is not only in conflict with your career, but with both parent figures and perhaps with the family as a whole. Things will get a bit easier after the 15th, but the situation still seems stressful.
Mercury, your financial planet, is still in mystical Pisces until the 14th. So the financial intuition is very good now and can be trusted. Taureans are very practical, down-to-earth people, but this is a month where you go deeper into the supernatural sources of supply rather than the natural sources. Money will come to you in unexpected ways, and not because of your personal effort or smart busi­ness tactics. It will just come. It will force you to ponder what wealth is really all about and where it really comes from.
After the 14th, as Mercury moves into Aries, you need to be careful about rash financial decision-making. If you have attained some mental clarity during the planet’s retrograde period it won’t be such a problem, but if not, it can be.
On the 19th the Sun crosses the Ascendant and enters your own sign; Mars enters the next day. You are now in a yearly personal pleasure peak – a time to enjoy all the delights of the senses and the body, and a time to get the body and image into shape. Though love has been stressful, you still attract the opposite sex. You look great and have greater than usual personal charisma. Health and energy are super.
A Lunar Eclipse on the 25th affects especially those of you born early in the sign (April 21-May 1), so reduce your busy schedule at this time. This eclipse will test the current rela­tionship, and cars and communication equipment.