Horoscope Taurus April 2018

For a down-to-earth Taurus, the month ahead is unique. Your 12th house, which was very strong last month, gets even stronger. The planets are having a convention in your 12th house: 70 per cent of them are either there or moving through there in the month ahead. Taurus tends to focus on the world of the five senses. But this month you are very unworldly, to say the least. There is no way for you to deny the reality of the invisible worlds now. Even family members are involved in spiritual issues.
Everything we wrote of last month is still in effect, only stronger. This spiritual focus is very positive now, for various reasons. It will bring breakthroughs in your career and finance. There will be breakthroughs in spiritual healing and in ways to transform the body (especially after the 21st – but earlier, too).
With this much power in the 12th house, it is important to be on a spiritual path, otherwise this can lead to overindulgence in alcohol or drugs.
With all this inner guidance it is safe to create the conditions that you want in your life. You have the power and the wherewithal to do it. As always, build wisely. Ultimately we are responsible for our creations. The universe holds us responsible and we will have to live with what we create, good, bad or indifferent. Most of the problems we face are not the result of ‘bad luck’ – only the result of things that we ourselves have created.
Many of you will have your birthday this month. This is a good period to review the past year, atone for and correct mistakes and set new goals for the year ahead. Your birthday is your personal new year and should be treated like a ‘new year’.
Health is good this month and can be enhanced even further by paying more attention to your feet until the 21st, and to your head, face and scalp afterwards. Head and face massage is powerful after the 21st. You respond very well to spiritual therapies (other-worldly therapies) all month. The role that the spirit plays in health will be better understood.
Your financial intuition continues to be good – and it will get even better after the 23rd when Mercury starts to move forward again. Hold off on important financial decisions until after the 23rd.
Be more patient with your beloved from the 9th and 13th. Avoid confrontations or power struggles. Your beloved should be more careful driving and in general avoid risk-taking activities during this period.

Horoscope 2018

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