Horoscope Snake 2018

The Year of the Dog begins on 4 February and holds considerable potential for the Snake. By seizing his opportunities, he can look forward to making excellent progress. However, to benefit from the prevailing aspects, the Snake does need to put himself forward and remain active. For those Snakes who are reticent or reserved, this really is a year when they should have faith in themselves and let their true strengths come to the fore. Fortune, in the Dog year, will favour the bold.
The Snake’s work prospects are especially promising and whenever he has the chance to become involved in greater responsibilities or seek promotion, he should put himself forward. Also, if there are certain types of work he would like to become more involved in or certain positions he would like to move to, he should make enquiries. This really is a year for seizing the initiative.

The Snake should also aim to make the most of his experience and talents as well as put forward any ideas he may have. Action on his part can lead to positive developments.
The year will also bring excellent chances for the Snake to extend his skills. Sometimes, by taking on a new role, he will not only further his experience but also open the way to other possibilities in the near future. Those Snakes who feel in a rut or disenchanted with their present position will find that they too can set their career on a brighter path. The months from February to April and September and November could see some interesting developments, but throughout the year the Snake should act upon his ideas and opportunities.
Another interesting feature of the Dog year is that it rewards long-term effort and for those who have been working in a particular area or on a project for a long time, it can often bring recognition and success. Accordingly, for those Snakes who are involved in creative areas, this is very much a year to promote their work. The Dog year will reward dedication as well as originality.

In view of their success at work, many Snakes will see a noticeable rise in their income over the year. Some will also be able to supplement this through additional work or putting an enterprising idea to good use. However, the Snake’s hard work will often be well rewarded. To enjoy the benefits, though, the Snake should manage his money well. Some Snakes could find that a savings plan started during the Dog year could build up into a useful sum in years to come. Overall, with good planning and control, the Snake’s financial position can be much improved during the year.
The Snake would also do well to give some consideration to his well-being over the year. He does drive himself hard and parts of the year will be demanding. In view of this, and all the mental and physical energy the Snake burns up, it is important that he gives himself the opportunity to relax. Some Snakes could find tai chi or yoga helpful, or even just allowing themselves time to meditate or reflect quietly. Whatever he does, it is important that the Snake allows himself to enjoy a respite from all the activity. Also, if at any time he feels below par, it would be worth him seeking medical advice. To keep himself in good form, he does need to look after himself.

Travel is favourably aspected and the Snake could find a holiday or short break another excellent way to have a rest and a break from his routine. If he chooses his destination with care, his time away could work out especially well.
The Snake will also value his domestic life over the year. Those close to him will be particularly supportive and whenever he is facing important decisions he will be grateful for their advice and encouragement. In addition to his own successes, other family members could enjoy pleasing news and several times during the year there could be good reason for a celebration or to go out for a special family treat.
The Snake will also be pleased with some of the projects he tackles with loved ones over the year and even when he is busy, by ensuring time is still spent with those who are special to him, he will find his home life rewarding.

With all the activities of the year the Snake may be tempted to cut back on his social life, however it is important that this does not suffer, as it does provide him with an excellent chance to unwind and enjoy himself. So, in this full and active year, the Snake really would do well to ensure he keeps in regular contact with his friends and takes up any invitations he may receive. For the unattached or those Snakes who would welcome more companionship, a fortuitous meeting can lead to a significant friendship and, for some, romance. For socializing, February, May, July and September are particularly favourable months.
The Dog year can be a highly successful one for the Snake and his hard work, talents and enterprise will often be well rewarded. To benefit fully, the Snake will need to remain active and put himself forward, but for the bold and determined, the Dog year can be one of the best. And by ensuring his lifestyle has balance, including spending time with loved ones and on recreational pursuits, the Snake can make this a personally rewarding year too.

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