Horoscope Scorpio September 2021

Predictions Scorpio September 2021

Pluto, your Ruler, moves forward now and there are many planets in your Eastern sector of the self. Push forward boldly now. Make things happen rather than waiting for them to happen. Take the initiative. What happens is mostly up to you.
Your health, vitality, self-esteem and self-confidence are improving day by day. Still, take a reduced schedule from the 4th to the 7th – the period of this month’s Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse makes a stressful aspect to Pluto, showing changes in your image and personal appearance. Hidden toxins in the body are likely to get flushed out, and your personality gets re-defined. Dramatic developments are happening with children and in creative projects. These developments are, ultimately, positive. Investors are forced to change their attitude about their current portfolio and perhaps make long-term changes to it.
But since this eclipse is in your 5th House – one of the Luck Houses of the Horoscope – it can be read as good fortune through upheaval. There will also be changes in your personal philosophy or perhaps in your religious affiliations now.
Your career is going great guns this month, and people at the top are supporting your fondest hopes and wishes. There is a lot of involvement with professional organizations and groups – especially those which involve your career – this month. A power struggle in your company’s hierarchy is going on and you need to defend your position.
After the 23rd a feeling of world-weariness comes over you – quite understandable after your hectic pursuit of ambition and dealings with corporate politics – and you crave solitude.
With your love life on hold, some of you might feel lonely. But being alone and introspective is not the same thing as being lonely. It means enjoying your own company and getting in touch with your deeper self. When the timing is right, such experiences are wonderful.
Your finances are temporarily stressful, but things improve after the 23rd.

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