Horoscope Scorpio September 2019

The Grand Square that began forming last month becomes stronger this month, leading to an active and complicated month. There will be great achievement but also many chal­lenges. Everything has to be handled just right; the least mistake can crash the magnificent edifice that you are work­ing to build. Balance, balance, balance. Many areas of your life are pulling you in different directions. Each must be given their due but you can’t go too far in any one direction.
Your life is basically good these days. But events in the world are highly turbulent this month and you could be affected indirectly.
You have been in a period of personal independence since July 21. But the retrograde of Pluto has hampered things. It is one thing to have the power to create, but there is need to be clear on WHAT to create. Gaining this clarity has been your main job since then. By now, as Pluto starts to move forward on the 12th, this clarity is there. You can proceed with confidence to create the conditions that you desire for yourself. You have much cosmic power behind you. You can have things your way these days. Self-esteem and self-confidence are much improved towards the end of the month. You know who you are and what you should have, and you act on it.
Finances are basically good this month, but become more complicated and challenging from the 22nd onwards. There have been financial disagreements with family members since July. This month there could be disputes with bosses, authority figures and friends. But these are all short term and will pass by next month.
Mars will spend the month in your 10th house of career. This shows that you are working hard, fending off competi­tors in your industry and perhaps personal competitors as well. You are earning success the hard way. You simply out­work and out-produce the competition.
Mars will square Saturn from the 7th to the 1 lthr so drive more carefully then. Try to avoid arguments. If you disagree with someone, take a few deep breaths and express your opinion in a calm, rational way.
Love is stressful until the 11th, but then changes dramati­cally. Venus enters your sign and starts to make beautiful aspects with Jupiter and Neptune. Love is in the air and you can’t escape it. It will find you. Someone is pursuing you avidly. Between the 27th and 28th Venus trines Jupiter. Singles meet a special someone. Those who are married have more romance in the relationship. There are opportu­nities for business partnerships or joint ventures. There’s a nice payday then, both personal and for the current love.