Horoscope Scorpio October 2021

Predictions Scorpio October 2021

Having just gone through some intense power struggles in your career, it is understandable that you will experience some ‘world-weariness’ early in the month. There is nothing really wrong with the world, it’s just that you need to withdraw a bit and get your bearings. Your deeper self is calling to you to give it some attention. This would be a good time to review the past 12 months and take stock. Congratulate yourself for any progress and try to correct failures. Set new goals for your coming Solar Cycle, which begins on your birthday. Thus, until the 23rd, spiritual, meditative and introspective activities go well.
Those of you not involved in a love relationship now are better off working inwardly for love. That is, formulate your ideal now.
Give some thought and attention to what would please you. Create the general outline of the kind of lover you want in your life. Be receptive to inner guidance as you do this. Love is looking for you, not vice versa. Your desire for romance is the actual announcement of impending romance. Love will find you after the 24th.
Stay open.
Those of you already in relationships find they become more idealistic now. There is a greater willingness on both sides to fulfil fantasies. Fantasy and eroticism enhance the relationship now. Seers, psychics and astrologers have important love guidance for you. After the 24th, your lover or partner wants to please you and is going out of his or her way to do so. You are the most important priority in his or her life.
Though your overall health and vitality are good – especially after the 24th – you show more interest in health this month as your Health Planet moves through Virgo, the Sign of Health. Thus you will explore new exercise programmes, visit the gym more often and be more diet-conscious. You’ll also have some dealings with health professionals – probably on a consulting basis – and will attend more health seminars and meetings.
After the 24th you begin one of the happiest periods of a generally good year. Birthday presents are likely to be larger and more abundant than usual. It is basically a party month. Your self-esteem and self-confidence are getting stronger day by day, and though your finances still need to be watched you are primarily optimistic about them.

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